About NTSE

About NTSE:-

NTSE is a national – level scholarship program as well as one of the most prestigious examinations of the country. We actively engage with local community to find out the needs and assess the impact of education in present education system. It includes free education to those meritorious student’s, who just need a small push in their educational life, to encourage the children to think independently, make them passionate about what they wish to achieve to value excellence. Scholarship is a boon for student who are underprivileged but possessing exceptional talent and potential. It helps the bright & laborious students poised with zeal to achieve something big but are deprived in pursuing their education because of several reasons.
NTSE is an incentive as well as encouragement to student, who are talented thinks out of the box but found difficulty in following their dreams of higher studies. With st the advent of 21 century course curriculum is getting vast while the competition is growing at a break neck speed & getting tougher day by day one should work hard to achieve excellence in learning. We aim at creating a rendezvous for talented students to provide them with healthy and competitive environment from the beginning. Now days we see that after promotion in higher class student generally forget what he learnt in previous classes which is a major drawback of our education system. NTSE try to minimize the drawback to some extent by conducting scholarship program that creates an environment filled with healthy competition so that students were already prepared for the tough encounter coming in their future.
NTSE is considered a headstart for important exams at undergraduate like IIT-JEE,NEET etc. Though the score is not needed for the evaluation in these exams, but the score is used by many coaching institutes which provides very high scholarships or free education for the future. The scholarships given are also a boon to underprivileged students to help with their education and provide a good start in life.
NTSE is organized by Savitri Skill Development Institute training partner with Ministry of micro small & medium Enterprises, Govt. of India provide free education, free skill development programs, books to needy & remarkable talents through entire nation. Basic agenda is to increase the awareness about importance of education in life, by giving a close view to our education system. Our organization determined to help those students who lacks basics of fundamental education. In order to fulfill our aim i.e. every child should get impeccable blend of education with other facilities & no one should be left behind. The cost study is rising day by day; parents wish their child must get nurtured by one of the esteemed institution in a healthy environment. To cater the needs of student on mass level an idea of NTSE (Nation’s Talent Search Examination) comes in light. NTSE provide a platform to achieve our organization aim and we see NTSE as an opportunity for students to minimize the hurdles in educational life by providing scholarship to meritorious th th student for class 5 to 10 all over India for both Hindi as well as English medium (State Language will be included).


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